Co-curricular Activities

SIPI is an intensive language course that focuses on the learning of Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to language instruction, SIPI has co-curricular activities and social events to build a community within the program and explore Brazilian culture. Activities change from year to year. Some of the activities from recent years are listed below.

Capoeira Workshops

SIPI has attended afternoon workshops at Omulu Capoeira of Madison to learn the basics of Capoeira movements, songs, and drum and percussion rhythms. These include berimbau, pander, and agogô. The workshop culminates in several practice “rodas,” actual Capoeira matches/games and is a lively, fun experience for participants.

Bate-papos at the Memorial Union Terrace

In previous years, SIPI has held weekly bate-papos or “chit-chats” at the Memorial Union Terrace. These are casual get togethers where students can socialize and casually practice their Portuguese next to the beautiful Lake Mendota.

Academic lectures on Brazilian and Lusophone cultural components from UW-Madison professors

SIPI has had lectures from various UW-Madison professors throughout the years: Kathryn Sanchez has lectured on the legacy of the Brazilian actress and cultural icon, Carmen Miranda; Luís Madureira has lectured on the legacy of antropología in Brazilian film and literature; Ellen Sapega has lectured on the visual culture in the Lusosphere.

Beyond Fordlândia Screenings with documentarian Marcos Colon

SIPI has been lucky to have Marcos Colon, a UW-Madison alumnus, visit twice to screen his documentary for SIPI students. The documentary, Beyond Fordlândia, details Henry Ford’s Amazonian adventures with rubber production in Brazil.

Boi da Fe em Deus: A Community in Motion screening with Brendan Loula

Brendan Loula, a SIPI alumnus, has come to screen his documentary on Bumba Meu Boi which he filmed in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil. His wife is also a SIPI alumna.

Career Discussions with SIPI Alumni

SIPI alumni who work in foreign service for the U.S. State Department have come to talk about career opportunities that utilize the Portuguese language.

Special thanks to SIPI Director, Jared Hendrickson, for providing information on activities.