Co-curricular Activities

SIPI is an intensive language course that focuses on the learning of Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to language instruction, SIPI has co-curricular activities and social events to build a community within the program and explore Brazilian culture. Activities change from year to year. Some of the activities from recent years are listed below.

Cooking classes

SIPI students have fun and delicious moments getting in touch with the Brazilian culture through its culinary heritage.

One of the treats the students cooked together was Pão de Queijo – a typical Brazilian cheese-flavored bread that is very popular in the state of Minas Gerais.

Cultural workshops 

It is well-known that the African influences in Brazil are strong, that’s why SIPI invites talented and knowledgeable people who teach about the historical connections between them.

Capoeira workshops give the students the chance to practice a few of the Afro-Brazilian martial art moves, songs and even play the traditional instruments that are essential to this self-defense style brought to Brazil by enslaved people.


Integrate the students with the academic excellence of Portuguese and Brazilian Cultural Studies is one of the many goals of SIPI. Therefore, every year we invite professors and researchers in the field for a special class.

We had lectures on Brazilian modernist literature with Mariana Oliveira (Ph.D. student from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) and about the rising of Portuguese from less commonly taught to critical to world language with Célia Bianconi (head of the Portuguese Language Program at Boston University) and Silvia Sollai (Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Florida State University).

Bate-papos at the Memorial Union Terrace

In previous years, SIPI has held weekly bate-papos or “chit-chats” at the Memorial Union Terrace. These are casual get-togethers where students can socialize and casually practice their Portuguese next to the beautiful Lake Mendota.