Co-curricular Activities | 2021

Virtual Concerts

Several Brazilian musicians have put on virtual concerts for SIPI.

In summer 2021 Sam Defor singer, guitarist, composer, and member of the band of the band Contém Dendê joined us from Brazil.

Madison based Forró Fo Sho demostrated  Forró Pe-de-serra, the classic version of a Northeastern Brazilian dance genre.

Author Talks 

SIPI students have the opportunity to explore Brazilian literature.

During SIPI 2021, student read a short story from the award winning collection, Amora. Author Natalia Borges Polesso then gave a book talk during class. Polesso was part of the Bogotá39, which brings together the 39 most prominent writers under 40 in Latin America. Her work is translated into several languages, including Spanish and English.

Bate-papos at the Memorial Union Terrace

In previous years, SIPI has held weekly bate-papos or “chit-chats” at the Memorial Union Terrace. These are casual get togethers where students can socialize and casually practice their Portuguese next to the beautiful Lake Mendota.

Career Discussions with SIPI Alumni

SIPI alumni who work in foreign service for the U.S. State Department have come to talk about career opportunities that utilize the Portuguese language.