Leticia Barbosa awarded with Advanced Achievement in Teaching

🎉🇧🇷  PARABÉNS, LETÍCIA! One of our 2023 SIPI instructors has been awarded the Advanced Achievement in Teaching Award by the Graduate School and Morgridge Center. This award recognizes TAs with four ir more semesters of teaxhing experienxe at UW-Madiaon who are not in the final year of their graduate study. This is a highly competitive award, but it’s no surprise to us that Leticia earned this recognition given how much her students loved her. Congratulations to Letícia Barbosa!

“My passion for teaching Portuguese comes from two places, one close to my heart and another more related to social justice. I enjoy teaching Portuguese because it allows me to share a part of myself, my identity, and my culture with my students during my classes. It creates an intimate learning environment as I teach my mother language and cultural topics that are close to my heart and home. On the social justice side, I can present a more accurate picture of Brazil and be an ambassador for its true history, values, and culture, beyond stereotypes.”