2022 SIPI Application Form


  • General Information

  • Required for applicants from within the United States.
  • Required for applicants from outside the United States.
    (Please Note: Only U.S. citizens and permanent U.S. residents are eligible for FLAS Fellowships.)
  • Education & Employment Information

    If yes, answer next four questions:
  • Funding

    Application deadline: February 14, 2022. More information about the FLAS Fellowship: https://flas.wisc.edu.
  • Language Background

  • Please list the language and number of years studied. Note: SIPI offers courses in beginning Brazilian Portuguese for students with prior experience (2-3 years) in Spanish or another Romance language.
  • Please list the language and number of years studied.
  • Mode of Instruction

    SIPI has plans to return to in-person instruction in Summer 2022. However, due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, the mode of delivery may change to a remote format. This decision will be made in coordination with the other WISLI institutes, university recommendations, and CDC guidelines. We would also like to take into account the preferences of our students. Please answer the following instruction related questions to help with our decision.
  • Please note that "online" may be either synchronous(live with interaction between instructors and students) or asynchronous(pre-recorded or pre-assigned activities that you can do when it fits into your weekly schedule), but will likely include at least some synchronous sessions due to the nature of language learning.
  • This is optional. Due to the many possibilities for mode of instruction, you may provide any additional information or clarification about your preferred mode of instruction.
  • SIPI Feedback

  • Please feel free to share any information or feedback on why you chose to apply to SIPI for your Portuguese studies. Note that this question is optional and will not affect your acceptance into the program, it is simply being used for program evaluation.
  • Application materials checklist

    Please refer to the application checklist. Application materials may be sent separately or together via email to sipi@lpo.wisc.edu, or via hard copy to: SIPI, B488 Medical Sciences Building, 1300 University Ave, Madison, WI 53706.