SIPI Experience: Chandler Maas

Chandler Maas completed the SIPI program in summer 2019 and we look forward to hearing how she uses Portuguese in the future. Thank you, Chandler!

Chandler Maas

Major: International Studies (B.A.) with a Certificate in French

What drew you to learn Portuguese? I speak Spanish and have always been curious about Brazilian culture. Learning Portuguese through SIPI was a great way to dip my toes into Brazilian culture.

What does your SIPI experience mean to you? SIPI to me means growth. Throughout SIPI my confidence, cultural competency and Portuguese skills all grew immensely. My friendships and network also grew a lot thanks to the program! 

What was the most fun part of SIPI? SIPI was most fun because of the people I was with! The teachers, my peers, and our guest speakers made the experience deeply meaningful to me. It was hard to say goodbye!

What was the most challenging part of SIPI? The most challenging part of SIPI for me was being persistent. Some days, especially towards the end of the program, you begin to feel drained and your brain seems to be overflowing. It’s important to lean on your peers and professors and push through together. 

How will you use Portuguese in the future? I am currently in Portuguese 311 at UW-Madison and plan to take it next semester as well. I hope to intern or work in Brazil after graduation. 

Favorite word in Portuguese and why? Cafuné! It roughly translates to “run one’s finger through one’s hair.” It’s a really sweet way of showing affection for friends and loved ones.